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Business Resilience System (BRS) First Introduced in 2017

First introduced  by the Authors Dr. Bahman Zohuri and Masoud Moghaddam in 2017, BRS is a Total Solution AI Based application program to respond to threats of any kind affecting  our world by providing Real Time and Near Real time analysis of Big Data for companies and organizations. BRS uses complex Artificial Intelligence Predictive Algorithms to increase resiliency by creating Proactive Resilient Processes (PRPs). BRS applications are limitless. By developing different use cases, BRS can create different applications to meet different requirements of our today's enterprises and organizations by decreasing their risks, securing and guaranteeing their survivability.

The very effective risk management approaches of BRS can be shown as follows and is called Business Resilience Lifecycle (BRL)


The Crucial Elements To Increase Resiliency in BRS System


Crucial Elements To Increase Resiliency in Business Resilience System


1) Receiving Big Data: BRS AI Engine receives Big Data from online resources (data stream) or offline data sets to perform Real-time or near real-time data analysis on a variety of desired factors

2) Predictive Analysis: Artificial Intelligence Management Information System AI/MIS based on Fuzzy Logic is the key to provide a real-time or near real-time analysis of such massive data

3) Creating Solutions: Business Resilience System (BRS) methodologies help businesses in all sectors to rely on real time analyzed data like a road map to deal with future events which may affect their businesses negatively or positively and eliminate the threats and find the opportunities accordingly

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