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To Begin With AI We Need To Understand Different Types Of AI First


The scope of ANI is to perform only “Single Tasks” on a “specific data set”. This can be done offline or on a real-time or near real-time basis.

The Scope of AGI (When fully developed) is to perform any intellectual task that a human can. The best example of a developed AGI robot is the (iRobot Movie)

The Scope of ASI which is the Ultimate level of Artificial Intelligence is beyond the capabilities of human brain!

Here Are Some Of The Main Categories For AI Applications

1) Business (Finance, e-Commerce, Human Resources)

2) Medical (Medicine, Disease Detection & Prevention)

3) Agriculture (Productivity, Greenhouse Optimization)

4) Military (Robotics, Command & Control, Sensors etc)

5) Nature (Disaster Control, Renewable Energies etc)

6) Education (Smart Content & Tutoring, e-Learning etc)

7) News & Publishing (News Analysis, Fake News etc)

8) Internet & Social Media (Marketing, User Impact etc)

And there are unlimited ways AI can be applied.

The Following Diagram Shows The Development Phases Of AI To Reach ASI


The Following Diagram Shows Disciplines That Relate Computer, Brain And Mind

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