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Summary of our Services

Artificial Intelligence Consultation

Our decades of experience in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms and Concepts of AI is a success factor for your future projects. We have been actively involved in many software projects in different categories and concepts in the past few decades. (Please see our books and articles on this web site)

We strongly recommend you to contact us before starting any AI project to arrange a consultation meeting and discuss what a possible solution for your future project could be and what path and approach needs to be taken to avoid redundancy, excessive costs and unexpected results. 

General IT & Software Consultation

Our company and our engineers have been actively involved in Information Technology and Software Development since the beginning of the evolution of Desktop Computing. Revolution in digital computing has changed the way we live and run our businesses comparing to decades ago.

Since the new technologies emerge very fast, it is important to keep up with the pace of technology advancements. Therefore we can help you new technologies and using new ideas to meet customer demands at the highest standard of today's markets. Please consult with us before making any IT or Software related decisions.

Research and Development

In addition to the projects that we have done for our clients in the past few decades including private and public companies as well as government agencies, we also have been involved in research and development projects of different nature,

Our group of scientists and developers have been working closely in many academic and business research and development project in the past few years. These projects have had different nature in different fields of science including information technology and advanced physics. You can see some of our products in advanced physics in our product page.

Business Resiliency & Efficiency

Knowing about Psychology, Behavior and Efficiency of your staff and your organization in general plays an important role in reaching your organizational goals and Business Resiliency which we have written a whole book about it. (Please check our publications from the menu). Any flaws in relations between employees and in the structure of any company can cause inefficiencies and complications.

It is very important to know how you should assemble teams and pick team members in different levels of the company to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity. 

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