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AI Cyber Domain is Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Solutions

AI Assisted Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Probabilistic Decision Making
Neural Network
Machine Learning
Deep Learning

Your Success

Your success is our goal. AI Cyber Domain Company is established based on growing needs of companies for intelligent decision making. We have decades of  experience in developing new ideas and providing total solutions for complex IT problems specially in Artificial Intelligence. We also have been following the market trends for since the dot com revolution and that gives us a leverage over other companies by foreseeing your needs in growing and expanding.

Our Message

No matter what your future project in Cyber World is, consulting with us before starting your project is the best starting point. Our years of experience in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics help you to avoid some common mistakes that startups or even older companies make. Incorporating new technologies or adapting with the trend of the market is very crucial for growth and expansion. That's where our expertise help you to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.


We are entering a new era in IT. Big Data and the need for handling and analyzing a huge amount of information in a real-time or near near-time basis is deeply technical and can be overwhelming. In fact, it can only be done through (AI) assisted programs. In that perspective, our company is one of the pioneers in Artificial Intelligence. We also have many publications in AI, Advanced Physics and many Universities and Companies are consult with us constantly.

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